US Planck Data Center External Wiki

This is the externally-accessible wiki for the United States Planck Data Center team at Caltech's Infrared Processing and Analysis Center.

Some useful Links

For information on how to create wiki entries, please look at the help page, available at SettingUpWikiPages.
For information on how to upload or download files, please look at UploadingAndDownloadingFiles.

Planck home page http://planck.ipac.caltech.edu/
Planck Password Manager https://planck.ipac.caltech.edu/PPM
  • The Planck Password Manager synchronizes your Tiki password with Webdav.

To find out the current time in selected cities with Planck personnel, check out World Clock. (If there are additional cities you'd like added, please email your group curator).

By popular demand, WebDav directories have been opened to browsing as of January 28, 2010. That is, you can now look at https://planck.ipac.caltech.edu/WebDav/ADG, for example, and see a list of the files that are available (assuming you have access to that group).

If you're using Windows 7 and having trouble getting to WebDav check out NetDrive

If you have problems getting in or need your password reset, please email Steve Schurr (schurr AT ipac.caltech.edu).

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